We help tech companies scaling to Germany

Given the costs and time associated with organic growth, modern tech companies have become obsessed with the idea of scaling via alliances.


Partnerships can increase common capabilities and revenue exponentially without incurring significant resources like capital, people, time, or technology.


With strategic partners, tech companies can tap into a nearly limitless German marketplace of customers, ideas, resources, and market knowledge that would be impossible in a solo venture.

Do you face the following Problems, Wants, and Needs: 

  • Gain entry to German markets as the largest in Europe
  • Reduce risk and cost of business development projects
  • Improve quality of services and customer relations
  • Reduce R&D costs through economies of scale and allocated capabilities
  • Increase access to new technology
  • Inhibit competitors and improve competitive positioning
  • Reduce cycle time and go to market

Business Development is a constant client problem.


  • Lack of knowledge how to find customers and who to partner with

  • Need for critical partnership negotiation skills and expertise
  • Reduce risk and cost of business development projects

Strategic alliances allow you to scale quickly, build innovative solutions for your customers, enter new markets, and pool valuable expertise and resources.

In business environments like tech companies that values speed and innovation, this is a game-changer.

Furthermore, Strategic alliances: 

  • Enable deeper collaboration compared with contractual agreements like distributor or managed services partnerships

  • Take less effort to set up and resolve than joint ventures or M&A deals do

  • Allow partial collaboration—for example, limited to a geography, technology stack, or parts of the value chain

  • Test the relationship, before possibly moving toward a more complex and deeper commitment, such as a joint venture or M&A.

We focus on Greentech and Energy industries:

Clean water & sanitation

Affordable & clean energy

Sustainable smart cities, buildings and communities

Responsible consumption & production

Advanced materials, science & Engineering

Waste avoidance and circular economies

Free Alliance readiness Tool 

“The secret sauce of partnership development”

The secret sauce of partnership development

With this Tool we will reveal how to:

  • What it takes to launch your company in Germany

  • How to get sufficient knowledge of your partners

  • Why to build relationship prototypes

  • and what you might propose to trigger your alliance

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