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Frank Godbersen: Headhunter Secrets:

What´s the difference between Procurement Specialist Headhunting and Procurement Executive Search

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Both headhunting and executive search are integral components of talent acquisition, but they do have distinct differences.

In essence, while both our headhunting and executive search service involve proactive candidate sourcing, executive search takes a more holistic and strategic approach. It involves a deeper level of collaboration with the client to align the candidate’s profile with the company’s strategic goals.

Procurement Specialist Headhunting:

Our Procurement Headhunting Service typically refers to the practice of identifying and approaching individuals who are currently employed and might not be actively seeking new opportunities. It’s like scourcing for hidden talent on the total market. In headhunting, our recruiters proactively reach out to potential candidates who possess the desired Procurement skills and qualifications. The focus is often on the specific skill set or expertise that our client’s needs, and the goal is to convince these individuals to consider a career move.

Procurement Executive Search:

On the other hand, our executive search service, is a more specialized form of talent acquisition that’s often used for highly-specialized and Procurement Leader positions like Head of Category Management, Sustainability Director or CPO. In this approach, our clients hires us, to conduct a thorough and comprehensive search for the best-suited candidate. We are going beyond just identifying candidates; we conduct in-depth research, market analysis, and often we work closely with the client to define the role’s requirements. This process aims to ensure a tailored and strategic approach to finding the ideal candidate who not only matches the qualifications, but also fits the company’s culture and long-term vision.

Frank Godbersen

CEO & Strategic Headhunter of Procurement Leaders

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