What we do

We help technology companies to build strategic and professional relationships with German partners, customers, suppliers, and public instances along the whole value chain

Our foremost task is to provide you access to:

  • new markets and customers
  • deeper customer knowledge and/or industry expertise
  • value-added services
  • implementation capabilities
  • additional disruptive technology
  • or other partners that can help develop, integrate, and enhance your solutions?

How we do it

It takes professional preparation and patience to make a succesfull market entry in Germany

Our Value proposition

  • Handholding long term cooperations 
  • End to End services – from readyness assesments t0 partner exit if needed
  • Helping to find funding and financing the journey
  • Go-to-market and channel strategies 
  • Negotiation support and cooperation agreements

Our Guarentee

  • We dont let go before the job is done
  • We are easy to do busienss with

Why you should consider us

What matters to you

Individual Values

  • We expand your network

  • We increase your marketability

  • We assure your reputation

  • We reduce your anxiety

  • and we support your growth & development

Easy to do Business Values

  • We save you time

  • We reduce your efforts

  • We decrease your hassles

  • We create simplification on  a complex topic

  • We bring you expertise

  • We reduce risk