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Frank Godbersen: Headhunter Secrets:

(Re)Build your Procurement Capabilities – Don´t wait

Dear Chief Procurement Officers

Under increased pressure of geopolitical uncertainties, you´ll certainly be asked to do more with less.

With the emergence of Sustainability and supply resilience in recent years as top priorities alongside of cost savings, Procurement teams must now simultaneously deliver on short- and long-term corporate goals while maintaining the maximum levels of operational efficiency. 

Your job as CPO is to show leadership and implement change, and you must make sure that you have the right capabilities to execute well on the procurement strategy.

Explicity you have to secure your teams ability, engagement and aspiration.

  • What shall they do under these circumstances?
  • Who are the high performers and who needs support and attention?
  • What is your team’s overall plan?
  • What have you tried in times of crisis in the past?

CPOs increasingly recognize the importance of talent and identify developing team skills as their top priority for the year ahead 

the first time in 10 years they have not ranked delivering cost savings in first place.

Now it is the right time to make the tough calls to your top management on urgently demanded resources.

Don´t wait to create the procurement capabilities with talents to get even stronger on the other side.  

Frank Godbersen

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