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Business cases

Post merger implementation of synergies of technology

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Business case

Client challenge:

One of the largest development partners in Denmark for tailormade production equipment in their sector saw the opportunity to acquire a competitor and integrate their on the edge technology into a specialized business unit. The strategy was to harvest the opportunity to become a technology leader in thus market in an extremely attractive niche.

Despite the resilience and intrinsic value of the technology, this strategy was not sufficient implemented. The business area “ran” to a disappointing negative ROI of 10% over 2 years. A clear decision had to be taken on the further progress with this business area. The prevailing uncertainty in top management regarding the options “sell”, “invest” or “integrate” had to be addressed.

The task:

  • Development and detailing of (additional) attractive strategic options for implementing the technology.
  • Formation of alternatives project execution while resource-based thinking.
  • Development of different implementation scenarios.
  • Together with the IT management, the initiation of the change process – thought – was carried out through business requirements and involvement of stakeholders in relevant parties.


Clear strategic decision for the implementation execution equipped with a high level of top management support created a high level of security for those involved in the transformation process due to transparent and sustainably documented execution.


We made the complexity manageable. There was a clarity beyond the obvious alternative courses of actions, and an alternative with a high degree of certainty was found in the decision-making process for the further direction. The acquired technology was initially reduced to a “service application. A professional transformation took place and after approx. 10 months when it became clear that the technologies were ready for the market led to the desired niche market leadership after 14 months.

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