You need immediately an Interim or Project Solution?

A resignation or long-term sick leave of a Leader never comes at a good time

To bridge the gap during periods of the transition, or when your procurement teams may face shortages, our Interim Managers can step in immediately to maintain operations and avoid disruptions.

Here is our 3 step plan


Lets discuss the jobdescription and your hiring needs.


– for free and without any obligations for you!





We benchmark the right people from our Interim Manager Pool and present you within few days the best fitting candidates.


– Also for free!


You interview and choose who you want to hire interim – part time or full time.


We support with full service and the coordination of the onboarding.


By this, you will keep your Procurement projects and operations under control and avoid temporary ad hoc solutions and chaos in your supply and cost base.

The problems we solve

and the benefits you will get

Leadership Transition

Procurement Interim Managers may be brought in when an organization is going through a leadership transition, such as the sudden departure or extended absence of a critical Procurement Leader

Project-based procurement

For one-time or short-term projects, hiring full-time procurement staff might not be cost-effective.  

Interim managers can be brought in for the duration of the project to handle procurement needs. 

Category expertise

Some procurement categories, such as IT, Pharma, Ingredients, or Indirect may require specialized knowledge. 

Interim Managers with expertise in specific categories can optimize sourcing strategies and supplier selection. 

Change management

 Implementing significant changes in procurement processes or technology can be challenging.  

Interim Managers can support organizations through change management initiatives and help adapt to new ways of working. 

Cost-saving strategies:

Procurement interim managers can analyze procurement processes, identify inefficiencies, and implement cost-saving strategies to optimize spend and achieve better value for money. 

Vendor management

 Effective vendor management is crucial for successful procurement.  

Interim Managers can help establish robust vendor management practices and improve supplier relationships. 

Skill gaps

When Your organization lacks in-house procurement expertise or needs specialized skills for a particular project.  

Our Interim Managers can fill the gaps and offer our knowledge and experience. 

Staff shortages

 In times of high workload, staff turnover, or during periods of transition, procurement teams may face shortages.  

Our Interim managers can step in to maintain operations and avoid disruptions.