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Here are Group companies top pain points and requirements related to procurement talent

Dear CPO´s
In many industries, there are shortages of skilled candidates for specific roles, so many companies struggle to find Talents with the critical Procurement skills and capabilities.

Here are Group companies top pain points and requirements related to procurement talent.

Skill Shortages:
Companies often struggle to find candidates with the right skills and experience in procurement, particularly in specialized areas like strategic sourcing, contract negotiation, and supplier relationship management.

Global Supply Chain Perspective:
As businesses expand internationally, they require procurement professionals who understand the complexities of global supply chains, international regulations, and cross-cultural negotiation skills.

Cost Management:
Cost containment and cost reduction are vital in procurement. Companies seek talent that can identify savings opportunities, negotiate favorable terms, and manage supplier performance effectively.

Risk Management:
Procurement involves inherent risks, such as supply chain disruptions, regulatory compliance, and supplier financial stability. Companies want talent capable of identifying and mitigating these risks proactively.

Sustainability and CSR:
With growing awareness of environmental and social impacts, companies increasingly focus on sustainable procurement practices. Procurement professionals must integrate sustainability considerations into their processes.

Adaptability and Agility:
The business environment is constantly evolving, requiring procurement talent that can adapt to change quickly and efficiently respond to emerging challenges and opportunities.

Communication and Relationship Building:
Strong communication and relationship-building skills are critical for effective procurement. Talent must collaborate with internal stakeholders, suppliers, and other departments to achieve organizational goals.

Regulatory Compliance:
Companies must comply with various regulations and standards related to procurement, such as anti-corruption laws and data privacy requirements. Talent should have a clear understanding of these regulations.

Supplier Diversity:
Many companies prioritize supplier diversity to foster inclusion and promote the growth of diverse businesses. Procurement talent should be adept at sourcing from diverse suppliers and maintaining a diverse supply base.

Negotiation Skills:
Effective negotiation is fundamental in procurement. Companies seek talent with the ability to secure favorable terms and build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers.

Talent Retention and Development:
Once companies find skilled procurement professionals, they strive to retain and develop them through career growth opportunities, training programs, and competitive compensation packages.

Let us help you to find and keep top your Procurement Talent

Frank Godbersen