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Business cases

60 million saving pipeline and increased efficiency by 30%

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Business case

Client challenge:

As a result of strong organic growth, a leading Danish service provider  resulted in an unnecessarily high level of process complexity. This led to continuos increase of cost and lost profitability. By reducing unnecessary complexity, increasing process intelligence in the form of optimized workflows and the most economically sound process automation and standardization, it was not only important to improve the situation, but also to enable the company’s very ambitious growth path.

The task:

  • Creating a “cost transparency model” with key questions to ensure orientation towards results.
    In the first step, a “broad-based” process analysis should be avoided.
    Instead, it was worked out with the client using various complexity tools that there are “40 quick wins” that can provide noticeable effects quickly and with little effort.
  • This “stream” was created and focused until the first results were obtained.
    Using this savings we next began to examine the potentially largest quick wins. Again, no detailed process analysis was performed, but instead using cause-effect approaches. 12 topics were selected from a pool of over 100 possible optimization strategies.
  • The necessary detailed considerations were performed for these 12 optimization strategies and the processes and systems associated with them.
  • Two of these 12 proved to be “not attractive anyway ” in this process and were therefore dropped.
  • The other ten strategies were implemented: detailed process analysis and optimization as well as corresponding system automation ordered.


An investment volume of DKK 900K gave DKK 60 million in the saving pipeline. Due to process audits and problem solving solution implementation, the company was now able to run and support particular IT services, applications and systems by just 30% of the time compared to before.

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